The Weddings and Celebrations pages of the 'New York Times' are where the elite announce their TRIUMPH. They did it—they beat you, they beat poverty and, for now, usually, they even beat cancer. Our Intern Alexis picks a winner among the winners.

If last week's Altarcations was dreary save for the bright light emanating from journalist Greg Lindsay's beaming grill, this week's made up for it. Was it going to be the son of the chairman, the chief executive and founder of the Blackstone Group? The cute hipster-looking French and English doctoral candidates? Franc and Al, helmers of Franc and Al's Movie Foyer (even though Franc's "not big on Judy"), one of the two female rabbis? Or the D'Aulaire descendant? We loooooved D'Aulaires "Book of Greek Myths"! And we also love platonic roommates who hook up after drinking too much wine in Spain and then decide to get married! But in the end, it was none of the above.

Whitney Rice and Edward Childs are clearly the cream of the crop—because, ultimately, aren't blonde people from Connecticut who work as associate fund-raising directors at Hotchkiss and Salisbury and were set up by the bride's grandmother what the competition of marriage is all about? We think so.

Whitney Rice and Edward Childs

  • Whitney Rice's parents are from Wilton, CT; Edward's are from Niantic, CT: +3
  • Both Whitney and Edward work as fundraisers for preppy Connecticut boarding schools. Whitney for Hotchkiss; Edward for Salisbury: +8
  • Hence, both Whitney and Edward currently live in CT.: +2
  • Both Whitney and Edward's fathers are crazy-powerful bankers. Whitney's is a director of the private banking division of Citigroup in New York and Edward's is a senior vice president of U.S. Trust, a part of the private wealth management unit of Bank of America: +2
  • Edward's mother serves on the board of the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London, Conn.: +1
  • The bridegroom is the great-great-great-grandson of Senator James McMillan of Michigan, chairman of the Senate Park Improvement Commission of the District of Columbia, which was responsible for the plan and creation of the National Mall in the early 1900s: +2
  • If she took on his name and kept hers, she'd be Whitney Rice-Childs, which is just funny: 0
  • Ms. Rice and Mr. Childs were set up on a blind date in November 2005 by the bride's grandmother Grace Hamilton and the bridegroom's sister-in-law, Hannah Childs, who were neighbors in Old Lyme, Conn.:+5
  • Total points: 23