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In today's episode: Orlando Bloom; Matthew Perry, Kevin Pollak, and a Lesser Baldwin; Chris Rock; Andy Garcia, Steven Bauer, Nestor Carbonell, Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and Sarah Chalke; Tim Curry and Ellen Pompeo; David Hasselhoff; Justin Chatwin and Molly Simms; Milo Ventimiglia; Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis; Andy Dick; Harry Hamlin; Jorja Fox and Aimee Mann.

· I noticed Orlando Bloom taking in the Tracey Emin opening at the Gagosian Saturday night, looking happy and dapper. Later he was talking to the artist, possibly asking what it would cost for the large needlepoint of her bush.

· My fiance and I were at the AMC in Century City Friday night (11/02) getting our tickets to see American Gangster when I noticed a man who looked like he had to be one of the Brothers Baldwin (either Billy or Stephen, we couldn't decide). Then I noticed that the Unspecified-Baldwin-Brother (UBB) was talking to Matthew Perry, an unknown female, and Kevin Pollack. As I could only hover so long w/out being extremely obvious (and was a little embarrassed as the main person I wanted to stare at was Kevin Pollak b/c I've always had this weird crush on him), we proceeded downstairs to stand in line before our theater opened up. UBB walked into the theater showing Bee Movie. Matthew, Kevin, and "unknown female" entered the theater showing American Gangster while it was still being cleaned, and the rest of us plebes waited in line. When they let us in, I made sure that we were sitting behind our VIPs. Sadly, the most exciting thing I have to report is that Matthew Perry kept saying something like "But...I don't understand" after every preview, and Kevin Pollack lol-ed during odd and not-purposefully-funny parts of the movie (primarily, whenever Armand Assante was on screen—maybe because Armand sounded like he was trying to "do" Brando-as-Don-Corleone and it *was* kind of funny).

· Coming empty-handed out of the LA Eyeworks sale Saturday I spied Chris Rock and a very lovely woman coming out of a nearby store. Not being stalky or nothing (I wanted to catch the DASH at Fairfax to Beverly and home) I followed them; he waved to a couple of store owners and they ducked into that store with the red carpet across from Fairfax High. He's quite nice looking in person and his date was not only lovely but not anorexic. They looked like a nice couple, and like they were having a great time shopping on the cool-ish evening. Damn them.

· Friday Night, spotted Andy Garcia, Steven Bauer and Nestor Carbonell sharing a booth at La Loggia in Studio City. Later the same night, cast members from Scrubs seemed to take over the end of the bar area, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke and Zach Braff, all showed up.

· Nov 5 - Hollywood Farmers Market - Ellen Pompeo, looking like one big pill perhaps because no one was paying attention to her, and her fiance. Also Tim Curry.

· David Hasselhoff sighting last night (Nov. 1) at the Whole Foods in Brentwood sans sunglasses.

· 11/2—molly sims and justin chatwin celebrating a friends birthday at the new david myers restaurant comme ca.

· 11/1- La Scala, Beverly Hills. I spotted Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes eating lunch with two guys. He was very well dressed and very good looking.

· 10/31/07—stopped by Gelson's on Santa Monica around lunchtime and found Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis doing a big grocery shop. alcohol and party supplies seemed to fill most of the cart, so i'm guessing a halloween party was in store for those two. he had on a hat and sunglasses and was about the same height as her (in other words, short).

· Saturday, saw a desperate for attention Andy Dick getting thrown out of IO West for disturbing shows there. Douchiness never goes on strike

· This morning (11/5): made eye contact with Harry Hamlin, while walking to work, in an alley behind Ventura Blvd., in Sherman Oaks. His cartoon fish-lipped wifey (don't get me wrong - I lurved Lisa Rinna in DOOL) is apparently opening up her own boutique on the Boulevard. He looks exactly like he does on TV and pictures, which is to say he looks like he's been 50 years old for the past 20 years.

· Nov 4, Silverlake. Whilst enjoying a nice brunch at my fave place (that i will not name), spotted soon to be former CSI Jorja Fox brunching with some friends. Taller than you'd expect and dressed quite frumpily. Also enjoying the food was chanteuse Aimee Mann without hubby. Tall and v thin.