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Ashton Kutcher's greatest contribution to geek culture — and no, we aren't referring to Internet telephone startup Ooma — is coming to Boston. Fulfilling every nerd's wildest fantasies, the guilty-pleasure reality show Beauty and the Geek is coming to Beantown on Saturday . Producers are searching for dweebs and bimbos willing to provide the CW network's viewing audience with endless entertainment at their personal expense. And the specifics of the casting call?

Intellectually Geeks who are socially stunted when it comes to women but think they can turn a beauty into a scholar. (Whether you're a shy geek into comic books, star wars, RPGs, D&D, computers, on-line gaming, chess, or math, etc, etc.

No mention of blogging, but if you're an attention-whoring blogger who thinks the reality show is misusing the adverb "intellectually", you probably qualify. Hmm, in fact, I think have my plans for Saturday. If not to audition, at least it's sure to be fantastic peoplewatching.