On Saturday night, BAM will host an all-night Lindsay Lohan Mid-Career Retrospective. Is there any other way you could possibly spend your weekend than in the presence of such awesome actressing?

As per the press material:

As recently as Mean Girls in 2004, Lindsay Lohan was a bright and shining new star with nothing but promise (ah, remember those days?). This Mid-Career Retrospective is a reminder of what made us love her (the unbelievably charming Freaky Friday) and a wake-up call as to what she has become (the preposterously bad I Know Who Killed Me)."

Freaky Friday starts at 9:15, followed by Mean Girls, I Know Who Killed Me and finally The Parent Trap at 2:15 am.

Bring your jersey pajamas and an eightball of cocaine! And see, if you don't attend, you'll feel really bad—because she'll probably be dead in a few years.