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Paul Boutin, Valleywag's very special correspondent, may act all tough in his fancy glasses and his Beemer. But let me tell you some things you don't know about Boutin: Those are girl glasses. And he rents that Beemer by the hour from Zipcar. Yeah, real fancy, Boutin. Worst of all, get this guy next to His Steveness, and he starts giggling like a Japanese schoolgirl.

And we're not talking real Steve Jobs. We're not talking Fake Steve Jobs. We're talking Steve friggin' Wozniak. Bokay? I asked Boutin to explain this disgraceful display, captured last night at a book-tour appearance where Woz introduced Fake Stevester Dan Lyons, but Boutin just messaged back "woz pic grt on bbry tlk l8r!" (Photo by Brendan McKenna)