Here is Boston Phoenix media critic Adam Reilly's backpedaling column on The Atlantic: The magazine is being ruined by its relocation from Boston to Washington, D.C.! "The Atlantic seems drier, wonkier, more focused on grabbing readers (and advertisers) by following the stories of the day, and less interested in examining subjects no one else is talking about." No! Grabbing readers? Horror! And now it is filled with graphs and buzzwords!

"Is the Atlantic's move to DC transforming it into a supersize U.S. News & World Report?" It is "arguably" getting worse! (Please everyone do not ever use the word arguably again. If you are making an argument? Make an argument. NO DOUBT some people will disagree with you!)

"When the Atlantic was founded 150 years ago, Boston could lay legitimate claim to being America's cultural and intellectual capital; it was also a center of finance." But now Boston sucks!

With "cultural and financial gravity concentrated in New York and political power concentrated in Washington, Boston had cultivated something else: a kind of shared civic arrogance, rooted in memories of past glory, that drove Bostonians to sit in intellectual judgment on the great events of the day...."

Don't get distracted, Adam! The Atlantic actually is obvious and dull and insular! It just used to be obvious and dull and insular from Boston.

Capitol Loss [Boston Phoenix]