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There's nothing like good-natured competition amongst cofounders. So which Google founder topped the other with the best wedding locale? Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki of 23AndMe conjoined their gene pools at magician David Copperfield's exclusive Musha Cay, and it's rumored that Larry Page and fiancée Lucy Southworth have reserved Richard Branson's Necker Island, pictured above, for a December 7 wedding. A complete comparison of the private islands after the jump. Who splurged the most? You decide.

Necker Island
Musha Cay
LocationThe British Virgin Islands, accessible only by private launch or helicopter
Bahamas, 85 miles southeast of Nassau, accessible by chartered flight
Size72 acres
more than 150 acres
OwnerRichard Branson, fun-loving media tycoon
David Copperfield, magician accused of rape
Of NoteBranson enjoys bathing nude in the outdoor bathtub.
Copperfield claims to have found "The Fountain of Youth" on his island
Famous GuestsMel Gibson, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg
Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Steve Martin
Rooms"The Great House has eight stunning rooms, each with a balcony, comfy four poster king sized beds with mosquito nets and ensuite bathrooms." Five additional Bali Houses dot the island. "Three houses have three tiered levels with alfresco style living. The other two are spacious one level suites. Each house has access to pools and of course stunning views of the ocean or across the island.
"Guests may choose to stay in their own private 10,000-square-foot Manor House on the crest of a hill, or a thatched-roof Beach House far from sight and sound of another human being. Or they may select one of two Guest Villas with two bedrooms, private outdoor Jacuzzis and beaches or a five-bedroom Beachside Villa." Restricted to 24 guests at a time.
Amenitiesbeach Olympics, sailing, snorkelling, tennis, babysitting, snooker, piano, kite-surfing, and a spa
4 hot tubs, a jacuzzi, freeform pool, scuba diving, bicycling, billiards, tennis, windsurfing, 5 boats, jet skis, and a message table.
Dining"Our chefs will prepare guests favourites, or wow them with their Michelin star cuisine. Every evening is an adventure as guests dine in some of the most stunning locations around the island - Beach BBQ's on Turtle beach, Sushi in the pool or Gala evenings in The Great House."
A recent guest complained of being served such "delicacies like Doritos, three kinds of Pringles and Cracker Barrel cheese.... When we saw the cheap Kendall Jackson Merlot (has nobody on this island seen "Sideways"?) at dinner, the Cracker Barrel made perfect sense." features high-bandwidth options with video, low-bandwidth with Flash animations, and a more accessible html version. is unaccessible because it has exceeded its bandwidth limitations.
CostPricing per night starts at $46,000 per night for up to twenty-eight people or $22,500 per week per couple
Pricing starts at $32,250 a night for up to twelve people