Sony's all-horror all-the-time website and video on demand service FEARnet presents BURIED ALIVE, which is a terrifying show about people who are buried alive! It is the future of digital media entertainment!

Buried Alive begins with a terrifying darkness, the sound of staccato breathing, spurts of weeping, and the horrifying screech of fingernails against metal. Someone is buried alive. Rick, a handsome, 20 year-old, is just one of the victims trapped in a coffin. Illuminated in the darkness by the flame of a cigarette lighter, the details of the scene come into focus as a night-vision camera, embedded in the corner of the coffin, captures his every move. On his left, an ominous warning: SAVE YOUR BREATH.

If the "highly-engaging six week multi-platform thrill-fest" is a hit, look for follow-up ventures Locked In the Basement, On Fire and Getting Eaten By Invisible Monsters In a Low-Budget Way.

Buried Alive [Sony Pictures]