Ever since it was reported that irresolvable scheduling conflicts brought on by two years of unemployment prevented Katie Holmes from taking on a seven-figure gig reprising her Batman Begins character in The Dark Knight, we've eagerly anticipated getting a look at her big comeback project, Mad Money, in which Holmes joins up with gal pals Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton to rob the Federal Reserve. (Hilarity, as it invariably does in such high-concept situations, ensues.)

At least in this quick look at her work, the long layoff seems to have done her some good: seemingly gone is that dead-eyed glare that's stared back at us from so many glossy celebrity-weekly covers during her professional hiatus, either the result of the joy of raising a happy, healthy babybot or a computer-enhanced sparkle added in post-production. We'll leave it up to you to decide (based on this admittedly scant evidence) whether or not Holmes has reclaimed some of the subtle acting chops that made First Daughter such an unexpected delight, or if we're all being fooled by the work of a clever trailer editor tasked with making her seem acceptably lifelike.