Do you believe in love? Perhaps you do! But you totally definitely believe in money. Because it's very hard to love when you have no money and you're hungry! The Weddings and Celebrations section of the 'New York Times' is where money and love meet, and where our Intern Alexis finds that in the mix, someone always comes out the winner.

There's something about high-powered bankers based in Hong Kong that just sends us into a tizzy. For some reason, we just find it really impressive. So sue us! And even though there was a couple with a hipster photo, Katie Couric's executive assistant, someone named Cheshire Webb III, a former White House intern who helped write the traditional Thanksgiving speech in which a turkey receives a pardon, S.I. Newhouse's nephew and a TV news reporter whom Magee Hickey referred to as "a sex kitten and a smart reporter," it was three-wedding-ceremonies-having Victoria Lim and Peter Sheren who sprinted to the lead.

Victoria Lim and Peter Sheren

  • They were married by an Episcopal priest: +1
  • They had a Jewish ceremony in Washington and a Korean ceremony in Soeul — making that three ceremonies in total!: +3
  • Groom is Jewish and bride is Asian: +2
  • Victoria is keeping her name: -1
  • Victoria is a is a vice president for investment banking in the Hong Kong office of Credit Suisse, specializing in capital markets and mergers and acquisition advice for technology companies in the Asia-Pacific region; Peter is a vice president for stock sales and trading in Hong Kong for a securities unit of JPMorgan Chase, specializing in sales and trading for hedge funds in the stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region. For both being fincancial big wigs based in Hong Kong: +10
  • Victoria graduated from Stanford: +1
  • Even though the couple went to the same high school mixers in the early 1990s, when she was at Madeira in McLean and he was at St. Albans in Washington... they did not meet until half a decade, and half a globe, later. For both attending schmancy DC-area private schools: +3
  • Total points: 19