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On Friday, we heard that today's New York mag piece on former New York Times reporter and kiddie pornographer-buster of sorts Kurt Eichenwald was being awaited with great anticipation inside the Times. Well, let the anticlimax begin! We had hoped for more.

1. Eichenwald is in a terrible way; he feels pursued by kiddie porn enthusiasts, though no actual reasons for his concern are mentioned, which we suppose is the point. Gosh, he sounds paranoid!

2. A totally interesting rehash of the Justin Berry story.

3. Eichenwald is a real dick in edits! Unlike, you know, most of those other well-established male star journalists.

4. It's like the legal department removed a page of the story?

5. "Now Eichenwald is in a trap at least partly of his own making, and he sees danger everywhere. 'I was told these people are relentless, that they never stop,' he tells me in his Dallas office. 'That they will torture you till you are destroyed or dead,' he says. 'I put my son at risk! Because I chose to save somebody else's kid! Do you have any idea how guilty I feel?' He thought about installing a panic button in the house or buying a gun. Instead, he got a second dog. 'A three-legged dog was not enough protection,' he confided a few days ago."

Saving Justin Berry [NY]