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Comcast has gotten a bitch-slap from Congressman Rick Boucher. Quick recap: Users said Comcast was screwing up file-sharing downloads via BitTorrent but no one believed them. Then the Associated Press did their own report, trying to download the Bible but failing. Comcast blundered through a denial, calling the wire report "web gossip." And it might get sued. All that and a pissed-off Congressman too? Not a good week for Philadelphia's cable guys.

Boucher basically told Comcast to cut the crap:

Comcast has made a major mistake in attempting to hinder peer-to-peer file sharing as an aspect of its network management. The inability of customers to [share files] significantly diminishes their ability to utilize the Internet for one of its most important applications, which is user-to-user content.

Wow. Sounds like some staffer in his office is seriously pissed that he can't download the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars off of The Pirate Bay (we're done with that show now that Cuban's gone). This is the exact sort of situation that net neutrality nutjobs advocates have been harping about for months.

We're not big on regulatory solutions, and apparently, neither is Boucher. Surprisingly for a Democrat, he rejected calls for net neutrality regulations and wants to fix the problem through competition and market forces. That's about right. You don't like it? Go lay your own fiber, bub. Or, better yet, dump them for another ISP. That's Comcastic!

(Photo by AP/Douglas C. Pizac)