If you take what they say about that apple and its fall from that tree, Bee Shaffer's genes basically ensure that she will kill us all eventually to rule over the earth. Anna Wintour's spawn was begotten of David Shaffer, chief of Columbia's division of child and adolescent psychiatry, who, another professor has charged, coordinated his systematic "Machiavellian ouster" from the school.

Dr. Peter Jensen is suing Columbia for wrongful termination, alleging that Shaffer, his one-time "long-distance mentor," began a campaign against him as soon as he arrived at the school in 1999.

According to the New York Sun, the suit alleges that Il Principe Shaffer told colleagues one of his continuing goals before retirement was to "get rid of Jensen."

Shaffer, 71, who is, you know, estranged, from Wintour (is anyone not?), founded "TeenScreen," an organization devoted to pre-screening adolescents for suicidal tendencies. TeenScreen officials have apparently admitted there is no evidence their program actually prevents or predicts suicide. But! It sure does cull the weak from the herd! At least Shaffer's consistently cutthroat—why are he and his ex-wife estranged again? Seems like they're just absolutely made for each other!