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Science fiction writer, Boing Boing editor, and copyright activist Cory Doctorow claims the blockbuster movie is doomed. It would certainly validate his worldview. In Doctorow's mind, there are two kinds of people: Greedy moguls who will exploit copyright in every conceivable way to preserve their multibillion-dollar profits from schlock movies, and noble-minded indie auteurs — all of whom surely agree with his extreme view that "art" should be copied and distributed freely. They'll make it up on popcorn sales.

But in reality? Plenty of independent artists with few resources feel even more strongly about protecting their rights than large studios churning out action blockbusters. For example, writer Ursula K. Le Guin, whose copyright Doctorow blithely violated.

Doctorow claims, "I enjoy watching Bruce Willis beat up fighter jets with his bare hands as much as the next guy." No, Cory, you don't. Why does Doctorow hate blockbusters? Because he knows deep in his heart that he will never, ever produce one.