Emily and Michelle happened into our life at the right moment. We met them just the other day through Craigslist, where they wondered aloud why no one would live with them in their Astoria apartment. They threw a potluck dinner for potential renters and one potential renter, Peter W. Knox sent us a report. Now we hear what really went down from Emily and Michelle themselves.

we would like to make a few corrections from peter's commentary

1. there is no pasta sauce in the freezer, its meat
2. our apartment is furnished by fraudulent tax return money, we both lack a father
3. that picture is not us, we're far better looking, and our mouths are smaller
4. peters face was bleeding

It was a brisk saturday night in astoria. while the local mexicans were finishing their laundry, we were cleaning for a potluck. michelle cleaned the living room, zach cleaned the kitchen, emily was on bathroom duty and bekah got her nails done. everyone wore a shirtdress. we love shirt dresses.

we'll have to finish this tomorrow. michelle needs her beauty rest and i have a burrito waiting for me in the fridge.


Okay! Peter, you might want to get your face checked out. Coming up later: the video!