Last night, apartments in what is known locally as the ugliest building in Greenpoint were seriously papered. Were they eviction notices? Utility shut-offs? No! Just a note from Candace Bushnell and friends.

They were requesting the possible use of the building—perhaps the tackiest-looking place in Greenpoint—for an exterior shot for NBC's version of Bushnell's book, "Lipstick Jungle."

"The series depicts three successful, dynamic executives as they balance the myriad aspects of the professional and personal sides of their lives," the missive explains helpfully.

The building is not well-known for its successful and dynamic executives.

What was it that attracted them so—the many eagles adorning the building, or the eerie white horse heads lining the gate? Either way, NBC promised, "if selected, you will be compensated"! Well, it's almost the end of the month. Film all you want for, say, $675?