We've long been skeptical about our Governor's ability to inspire his fellow Californians during a time in crisis, but following his Malibu address of earlier today, we're utterly confident that he's ready to rise to the challenge placed before him.

If we had to pinpoint the exact moment of the briefing in which Schwarzenegger won our devotion, it would be when he crumpled up a scripted statement about how he planned to "terminate" the wildfires and, somewhat nonsensically, "crush them, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women," realizing that we no longer need to be reminded of his glorious Hollywood past to follow his lead, just hear honest, direct, and calmingly monotone words letting us know he's got things under control. By the time he stepped away from that podium, we were prepared to hop in our car, race to Carbon Beach, and spend the rest of the day standing atop David Geffen's 3,000 square-foot poolhouse with a garden hose, ready to beat back any flames threatening to consume his compound. That's the mark of a born leader.

We'll meet the rest of you there once you finish watching the video.