Great news! Did you know that the Weddings and Celebrations section of the 'New York Times' exists to transform you on a lazy Sunday afternoon from Kathy Griffin to Cathy Guisewite? It's true! Studies show that reading what we used to call 'Vows' actually sets your internal feminism and self-esteem clocks back eight years. Anyhoo, put down that Ben & Jerry's, unloved fatty, and let's see who won the battle of the marriages this week!

Sometimes, even when a black Harvard grad marries a white Harvard grad, a child of a Kingston dignitary marries a child of a Kingston dignitary, a Democrat marries a Republican, a turkey-shooting Yale grad marries a turkey-shooting Yale grad and a Phish phan marries a Phish fan , it's the socialite and the Weeds executive producer who ultimately steal our hearts.

Samantha Gregory & Roberto Benabib

Samantha's parents are "of New York": +1
She is the vice president for global communications at Tory Burch, a fashion company in New York, and an associate of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Philanthropy + Tory Burch: + 5
She graduated from Brown: +1
Her mother, Jamee Gregory is on the board of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Venetian Heritage, a monuments preservation group, and on the women's board of the Boys' Club of New York. She is the author of "New York Apartments: Private Views" (Rizzoli, 2004): +5
Her mother is Super Socialite Jamee Gregory!: Another +5
The bride is keeping her name: -1
The groom is 16 years older than the bride: +2
He is the executive producer of Weeds!: +6

Total: 24