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Scandale! Okay, not really, it's France after all; what would constitute a personal scandal there? The French president, Nicholas Sarkozy (not to be confused with Jean-Pierre Jeunet's favorite actor Dominique Pinon!) and his wife, Cecilia, told everyone they were splitting up yesterday, and said they'd have no further comment on the matter. Well, Madame Sarkozy changed her mind, okay? She's allowed! She unloaded about her marriage to a French newspaper today and it was all pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, except it prompted her ex to get all pissy with Le Monde when they called him for comment, snapping that hey, the French people "ask for no comment from me. It interests them much less than you, and they are right. And perhaps they have a greater sense of propriety and more discretion, sir." Take that! If only our own Great Leaders could put the press in their place as eloquently.