New York Post nutcase Andrea Peyser is titillated by the sight of a humbled Foxy Brown arriving at a Brooklyn court (from prison) to plead not guilty to her third phone-related assault. Brown's drab jacket and plaid pants (H&M!!) and "matted" hair excite Peyser to a degree that few cut-down-to-size "divas" could hope to match. Also, this is maybe the single horrifying sentence written in any newspaper in America today: "She also carried no BlackBerry, no $1,500 Louis Vuitton satchel—and revealed nothing of the precious nipple we've come to know and love."

Oh God, "precious nipple"! That is like what that terrible high school theater tech kid who befriended you when you were forced to sit together in Chem would order to sound "adult" at the Ruby Tuesdays he just sneaked into with his older brother's expired ID!

Anyway, Foxy Brown is a menace who needs to be locked up forever and ever, obvs, and the world's manicurists will not be safe until public shaming has her wardrobe regression brought down to Old Navy levels.