The Atlanta Journal -Constitution did a story about their native son John Fitzgerald Page, nightmare internet dater and official world's worst person. The comments are the best part! They're are sort of a funhouse mirror of the comments here.

They run the gamut from first-person observations:"So unless he's gonna sue himself for defamation, I really don't think he's got a case. And you know what, I've actually ran into this joker a time or two at The Tavern at Phipps. He was repeatedly manhandling the female servers and completely unable to hold his liquor...."

To "deep thots":

"Wait a minute—I don't see any comments on the fact that the woman publicly posted a private email. How many of us have sent an email that doesn't necessarily reflect our best qualities? This seems to be an unfortunate side effect of the internet—nothing is private. Is this what we really want?"

But wat does JFP himself have to say about all this? Well, at press time, the AJC had been unable to secure an interview with the man himself! But why? "In an e-mail exchange with the AJC on Friday, Page declined to comment after he asked whether he would be compensated for the interview and was told no. In a follow-up, he said, "'Inside Edition' is offering me cash for an exclusive....'"