Our Freelancer Action Unit, an elite team of angry reporters, investigates publications that don't pay their freelancers. Got a gripe? Not getting paid? Drop a line!

Ah, Radar magazine. The freelancer's favorite! An infamous nonpayer in iterations one and two, the magazine, now in its stabler third incarnation, has done little to incur our wrath.

But it might!

Radar pays "upon publication," which is fine. But then that fine day comes when it hits the stands. Invoices, those annoying things, must be processed. (We hate it too!)

And so, seeing the magazine out and about, a freelancer we know emailed an editor about payment. The request was passed on to the managing editor. A week passed with no response. An email was sent again. Another week passed, in which no response was forthcoming.

Now, this isn't crazy in the world of magazines. Not by any stretch. But it just so happens that this freelancer, like others, is still unpaid from a previous iteration of Radar. You'd be nervous too! Perhaps you are!

We actually expect the best from Radar—magazine staffers there have expressed great sincere regret over past troubles with paying freelancers. So we and our freelancing friend would love to get a status report. Have you yet been paid by Radar 3.0?

Update: Good news! We haven't heard from any other contributors to the new Radar who've had trouble! Isn't that lovely?