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Is man-mountain and "Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio stretching himself too thin? The glabrous chef, who recently opened a Craft outpost in Los Angeles at the offices of superagency CAA, was visited by the Michelin Man yesterday who, with a nerfy yet firm hand, stripped away the lone Michelin star of Colicchio's anchor restaurant Craft. Perhaps he shouldn't have spent so much time berating idiot "Top Chef" contestant Dale and staring at Padma Lakshmi's luscious lady lumps? But then again, maybe we shouldn't have either!

That leaves Tom C. as the one of the few celebrity chefs on "Top Chef" who has a restaurant but doesn't have a Michelin star. But Michelin also gave Peter Luger Steakhouse a star, though the New York Times' recently made the case that the Brooklyn institution had jumped the cow. Michelin also awarded two stars to testicle-searing and, by some accounts, boring chef Gordon Ramsay for his New York restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at the London. Maybe the Michelin Man just prefers aging twinks to bears?

2008 Michelin Guide Results