"Who's Gina Smith?" a friend asked today. Jeez, a few years back I worked with a guy who kept her photo tacked up in his cubicle. The charming, accomplished tech reporter appeared on World News Tonight and Good Morning America during the 1.0 boom. More recently, she helped Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak write his memoir. Lately she's been seen weekly in videos on InfoWorld. So it stunned me to hit Wikipedia and find that Gina Smith has no entry! Does she exude some sort of anti-celebrity force field? Was her page scrubbed by envious USA Today scribe Kevin Maney, who warned Smith in a 2001 column that she "could never go back to journalism" after being "tainted" by her role as CEO of Larry Ellison's NIC spinoff? Or is this just the best example yet of Wikipedia's collective memory holes? I started an entry, but my sloppy citizen-archivist style got it deleted. Please help me fill this critical gap in Valley journalism about journalism.