"The concept of marriage must have been thought up by an unimaginative pig," Albert Einstein once said. Every week, Intern Alexis reads the Times' Weddings And Celebrations section to see who's still buying the concept, and, by extension, each other.

Though former Conde Nast bigwig Steve Florio's son was in the house this week, as was a former "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast and the conductor of the Boston Pops, it was Virginia Boyd and J.B. Lockhart IV who brought the ruckus to the Times wedding pages. It was a descended-from-a-steamship-baron kind of ruckus! Who can fight that kind of power?

Virginia Boyd & J.B. Lockhart IV: 31 points

  • Virginia's mother is "of New York": +1
  • J.B.'s parents are "of Greenwich, CT": +1
  • J.B Lockhart is a "IV": +4
  • They were married by an Episcopal priest: +1
  • They met while graduate students at Harvard: +7
  • They both graduated from Yale: +5
  • Virginia summa cum laude: +3
  • Virginia is a lawyer: +1
  • Her father was the chairman of the Boyd Steamship Corporation, a shipping agent founded by a great-great uncle of the bride in 1909: +3
  • J.B. is an I-banker: +2
  • From 2002, J.B.'s father was the deputy commissioner and the chief operating officer of the Social Security Administration in Washington: +3