Recently, Google CEO Eric Schmidt was spotted purchasing "Mine's Bigger," the book about the yacht obsessions of Kleiner Perkins founder Tom Perkins. Sure, Perkins's firm invested in the search behemoth. But why would Schmidt purchase a book detailing the methods Perkins used to ensure that he had the most spectacular yacht in the world? He hardly needs lessons on oneupmanship. After all, Schmidt already owns a stake in the Google founders' party plane, believed to be the world's largest private jet. And he's likely helping Larry and Sergey add to their fleet. One can only marvel at how deep Schmidt's inferiority complex must run, if he feels he needs to take tips from Perkins. After the jump, the full nerdspotting episode:

I almost forgot about this. Last saturday (22nd) I saw Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) walking towards Kepler's bookstore b/w 2:00 - 3:00 PM in Menlo Park. 20 mins later he emerged out with Mine's Bigger (Tom Perkins) book and another book. He also had a muffin and coffee in hand (from Barrone's). Drove away in a Mercedes Benz - couldn't figure out the model. It could be a CLS or CL and his license plate had bunch of 5s' in it along with few letters.

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