Tonight at Da Silvano, there's a dinner for Michael Kirkland, the director of the design firm Groupe Halleon. We were forwarded the invitation to the dinner—and at the bottom, we noticed something curious! Attached was a handy document that provided concise yet colorful sketches of those attending. Let's learn some "Friendly facts on my friends at da salvino [sic] this thursday"!

Here are few of the guests (the better known ones—we left the real civilians out of this, in the interests of fairness) along with the description provided for each.

Margherita DeValenzuela - Director, Henry Beguelin
New York City, (Naples, Italy)
Margherita and I must have gone through a case of Marc Jacobs' Veuve Clicquot a week when I lived on Sullivan Street... my evil party sister.. oh, when we get started, watch out! She is the lover of Manolis Manolakakis.

Beth Hancock: - Curator of Photography, High Museum of Art, Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia via New York City, Paris, London, (Dothan, Alabama)
London University, University of Alabama, Kappa Kappa Gamma
Love to use the word fondle for some reason! Beth lived in Paris at the same time I did. We actually went to Les Bains Douche for Thanksgiving dinner with about a hundred male models.... I'll let Beth tell you who got lucky that night!

Iran Issa-Khan: Photographer - Artist
Miami, via New York and Paris (Tehran, Iran)
Educated around the world by Kings, Queens, Counts and Countesses
She's shot over a hundred covers for Harper's Bazaar, and numerous international advertising campaigns. I met her at the opening of the Louis Vuitton store in Bal Harbour in 2000. She just lit up the room. I went up to her and said, "What are you drinking?" She smiled from ear to ear and said: "Scotch and water darling!" It was love at first sight! I ran to the bar, returned to her side and we became fast and furious friends.You have got to love a woman who loves her Scotch! on a more serious note: This is my Miami "mother", but she hates it when I call her that. I get tears just thinking about how wonderful this lady is!

Richard Keith Langham: Interior Designer to the stars and socialites!
New York City, (Brewton, Alabama)
Decorated several houses for Jackie "O". Keith is on the top ten list in the Hamptons, and he can get you into any door in the City. New York Social Registry. Lived a good portion of his life in Studio 54. Keith used to be in the Blue Book, and now he can't even get in the yellow pages! ...just kidding Keith!

Well, Da Silvano has always had a problem with rats!