A recent visitor to groovy downhome Greenpoint restaurant Queen's Hideaway writes: "I was eating there this weekend. The back garden was full of kind of Greenpoint hipster. All of a sudden a mouse runs right across the pavement followed in quick pursui t by a cat. The cat caught the mouse and began toying with it. For 15 minutes, the cat batted around the little creature, inflicting non-life threatening but painful wounds. All the customers looked on in horror as the mouse was tortured ultimately to death. The waitress looked on apathetically. After the cat had lost interest and left the mouse to die on the pavement, someone asked, 'Can you please clean up the mouse?' And the waitress huffily responded, 'What do you want me to do? It's still kind of alive. I can't sweep him up.' Everyone just waited a few more minutes as the mouse died. Finally she swept the corpse away."