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Therapy patient George Gurley's long love affair with Republican propagandist Ann Coulter, 46 (now 48??), continues today in the pages of the New York Observer. It's the same old shtick from the fiery polemicist, and, like Ann herself, it's pretty damn thin: Hillary Clinton will "impose communism" on America if elected, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are responsible for 9/11, the death of 3000 American troops in Iraq is no big deal, etc. Frankly, it's a little pathetic: Ann has pretty much tapped out her ability to provoke outrage, because we've heard it all before from her. There's pretty much nothing she can do or say at this point to shock or offend. Unless she's somehow satisfied with her increasing irrelevance in the national conversation, she's going to need to make some grand gesture that once again puts her in the forefront of American hate figures. We're not sure how she could do it, but maybe she could start by calling Barack Obama what the kids call "the n word." That might ruffle a few feathers.

Coulter Culture [NYO] [Image: Getty]