In a trenchant piece of geosocial commentary, not-a-she Alex Williams tackles some big questions: "What if Brooklyn's recent cachet as the locus for what's next is little more than a thin and fragile crust of chic, hiding the insecurity of people who constantly measure the social currency of their ZIP code by Manhattan standards?" Gee, what if!

All it took was Heath Ledger's flight to Manhattan for them to realize that? It took me years of therapy.

After the dissolution of the iconic Heath Ledger-Michelle Williams union, all that remains in brownstone-scarred Boerum Hill is a snarl of internecine quarreling between the true Brooklyn believers and those forced out of Manhattan.

"The dark secret of Brooklyn is that many of the people who are going there are going there because they can't afford Manhattan," said Douglas Rushkoff, a writer and former Park Slope resident. "There is a tension between people who are in Brooklyn for Brooklyn's sake, for the diversity and the quality of life, and people who are pushed to Brooklyn unwillingly."

We can't wait for the Battle of of Smith Street. Molotov cocktails in baby bottles hurling through the air. Widows (and divorcées!) rending their garments, wailing for the return of Heath.

Also? Elizabeth Spiers, founding editor of Gawker and, for years, a prime propagator of Manhattanism, has recently moved to Boerum Hill. Make of that what you will!