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Soooooo, not to belabor the point, but, since we can't stop staring at it, what was the thinking behind the Page Six Magazine again? The market isn't exactly screaming for another comic-book weight celebeauty title, especially one as confused about its target audience as its ads indicate. (Are we upmarket? Jaguar! Coach! Maybe we're downmarket? H&M! Marshall's!)

The New York Post's promo department styles P6TM as "fashion-forward" and also "imbued with the witty tone" of the weekday newsprint Page Six. (Oh, that's witty!)

But between the day-glo frocks and the mystifying pull quotes ("Cooked summer hair is like an ankle sprain—it needs to be rehabbed," and "Kids love spending their money on illegal substances,") we're thinking there may have been a bit of miscommunication between editorial and advertising during that brand identity meeting.

P6TM seems to be waving mostly desperately in the general direction of women in their 30s. But considering the 37 other titles out there sensible enough not to boast interviews wherein Bobby Cannavale "comes clean about his love affairs with cigarettes and pizza," we think it's going to be a pretty tough sell. It's time to pick a market. Most likely, if it's supposed to be the high-end retailer advertising cash cow, the Key and the T of its paper, it's going to have to pull itself just a bit more out of the gutter.