"Party in the kitchen/makin' a bitchin'/bowl of pasta/with cream sauce!" Sure, those lyrics—to the anthem (now online!) about partying in various places in and around the campus of America's Most Annoying Liberal Arts College—need no explaining. But what about this part: "Party at Intown/Party in the past/ Party at Mocon, making me ill/I'm gonna go boot on Indian Hill/Eclectic party/holy shit, who are you?/Where am I?" We got over our thing about speaking to the Wesleyan alums we know and asked one.

Sure, I can explain it. Intown (where I once lived), is a party in the past because they bulldozed it two years ago. Everyone's confused as to whether or not they're in a party at Eclectic, for two reasons:

a) When you are at a party at eclectic, you're on shrooms
b) Eclectic sort of sucks... they're always on shrooms and they're snobs about it... why are we at a party there?

Oh, okay, got it, ya big Wes! Sheesh. We had heard of acid casualties but did you know there was such a thing as a "shrooms casualty?"