Alumni of America's Most Annoying Liberal Arts College were all abuzz last week about this song "Party On Fountain." Composed by Molly Gaebe '07, Mary Campion '07, Pat Wolf '07, Kate Heller '09 and Ted Feldman '09, who are collectively known as New Teen Force, the song is about partying at different places on the Wes campus, like: "Party in the Bayit, Shabbat Shalom!" Sounds hilarious, right? Too bad you can't listen to it!

"It is now gone from the internets as per their request because it is, apparently, not finished. There is also a video in the works," says blog of all things Wesleyan, Wesleying. Ha, those Wesleyan kids can't even get viral internet success right!

But as we all hold our collective breaths, we can try to begin to puzzle out the meanings of some of the words of the song. "The Bayit (as in "Party at the Bayit, Shabbat Shalom") is a Jewish special-interest house," an alumna informs us. But what's an "Eclectic Party?" Also: why? Why?