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As much as we'd like to believe that we spent the last two minutes and thirty-one seconds of our lives (OK, five minutes and two seconds—we had to watch it twice for purely professional reasons) viewing an actual Meg White sex tape (link NSFW)—whose unexpected appearance has already fueled overheated internets speculation that it was the cause of the "acute anxiety" that led to the recent cancellation of the White Stripes tour—we'll defer to the opinions of our better-qualified brethren at Fleshbot and Idolator about the clip's highly questionable veracity.

Idolator's panel of experts seem especially unconvinced that it's real, noting the shabbiness of its cinematography and its suspicious "dorm room"-like set. Still, we suppose that you're going to want to make up your own minds about the issue, even if we remind you that no matter how hard you squint to convince yourself you've positively ID'd the video's star as your favorite drummer of limited rhythmic talents, you're probably just watching a couple of horny German libertines getting it on in front of a cheap camcorder.

UPDATE: It feels approriate to let you get the official denail news from Pitchfork.