Sometimes we don't understand what Michael Moore is so hot under the collar about. Yeah, sure, it sucks that so many young Americans are uninsured. But the upside of this sad trend is that there are now niche doctors who specialize in treating uninsured 18-34 year olds, and often they have overdesigned websites and blogs! At least, they do if they live in Williamsburg—like Jay Parkinson, M.D.

"I am not your typical doctor. I'm easily accessible and mobile," Dr. Jay tells us via his website. That's right: for a yearly enrollment fee, you can IM Dr. Jay about your symptoms anytime. He also makes house calls—or, you know, wherever calls! "We can figure out if I need to come to your work, your home, or meet somewhere else in the city. We can even meet in the park or a coffee shop depending on the problem. Wherever you feel comfortable."

You know, it has been a while since I've had a thorough pelvic exam. Hey, Dr. Jay, meet me in the bathrooms of McCarren Park in 30 minutes!