Last night whilst we were pondering the finer points of coq a vin on 'Top Chef,' a small but serious contingent of Greenpoint hipsters (they're just like Williamsburg hipsters but taller, slightly less preposterous and more rugged) were enjoying a drink-laden and secret show by Beirut, Zach Condon's Balkans-Brooklyn indie-folk-whatever band. But the hipsters had a dirty secret.

From an on-the-scene report:

Last night they played this secret show at a bar in Greenpoint that I heard about at the last minute. It was totally amazing. Small room, everybody singing, smiling, horns, accordians, just an amazing feeling in the room. it was one of the best concert experiences I've ever had....I think it was the afterparty for a commercial shoot for Axe Body Spray, that's what I heard.

Uber-indy Beirut hawking Axe body spray? Syria-ously?

[Photo: ObsceneNYC/dave00327]