While 30 Rock may have officially ended two years ago, its legacy lives on in the vodka-tampon, MILF-addled-memories of our nation’s most sensitive viewers. And now, we have the official FCC complaints to prove it.

MuckRock brilliantly filed a FOIA request under the Freedom of Information Act for every FCC complaint mentioning 30 Rock during the show’s original air dates. And apparently, people were mad. And obscene! Think of the children! Here are some of our favorites.

People were aghast at the show’s depictions of sex. Specifically, one episode’s foray into the world of “auto erotic exphixiation” (sic).

One viewer seemed particularly troubled by all the sexy moms on his television screen.

Some even found fault with beloved, teen pastime vodka tampons.

This one is less of a complaint and more of a general observation on the beauty of nature.

And while this last one is not explicitly about 30 Rock, it is a very good complaint and we would be remiss to exclude.

You can read the rest of the FCC complaints, courtesy of MuckRock, below.

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