Are you one of the 30,000 thirsty rubes who were lucky enough to score the Cards Against Humanity Bullshit Box before it sold out on Black Friday? Congratulations: you are a reprehensible human being, and you got exactly what you deserved.

The boxes, filled with bovine feces and sold as a promotional stunt for the favorite party game of naughty college juniors everywhere, finally shipped to legions of credulous fanboys last week. The creators of the game—as our sister site Jezebel previously pointed out—were as clear as possible that actual, biological shit was the only thing they were selling.

That didn't stop nerds across the internet from speculating that the box might not actually contain shit, but some exclusive new Cards Against Humanity content. They were wrong.

(The 30,000 figure also comes from Max Temkin.)

LAist, in the name of good reporting, ordered a box of shit to be 100% sure that it indeed was a box of shit. They enthusiastically reported on Friday that it was. Above, if you're so inclined, watch a video of a disgusting Cards fan unboxing the shit and then cracking it open to see if there's anything else inside. There isn't.

Now, dozens of these things are up for sale on eBay, and people are actually bidding. None of this is cute, shit-buyers.

[h/t BroBible]