What does it profit a man if he loseth his soul but hasn't gaineth'd a Friday afternoon gazing upon pictures of tarted-up hipsters? Nothing, that's what. So why dostn't thou join Alex Blagg on his soul-degrading tour of Last Night's Party and Cobrasnake? After all, when the Lamb broke the Seventh Seal, there was only silence in heaven for about half an hour. Until one of the Horsemen shouted out, "Hey, you guys! It's Alex Blagg with Blue States Lose!"

10.Last Night's Party. Missbehavin photo #2893: I wish this photo wasn't cut off at the bottom, because I would really love to know what, exactly, this dickstick is "2 Cool For."

9.The Cobrasnake. End of an Era photo #2833: What this fashion accessory lacks in practicality it more than makes up for in utter fucking stupidity.

8. The Cobrasnake. Grande Finale photo #2612: Looks like we got ourselves a visit from the Ghost of Misshapes Future!

7. The Cobrasnake. End of an Era photo #2963: Say what you will about Misshapes, but if these people didn't have each other, just what would they have? (Other than HPV.)

6. The Cobrasnake. Grand Finale photo #2403: This dude looked pretty fucking punk rock to begin with, but the blush and eye make-up pushes him into a realm of nihilistic badassitude never before thought possible.

5. Last Night's Party. Anti photo #1178: Something seems somehow out of place in this picture, but I just can't quite put my finger on what...

4. Last Night's Party. Anti photo #1175: I'm not sure what that blue wizard potion is, but it seems to turn whoever drinks it into a sexually ambigious cheetah rapper.

3. The Cobrasnake. Grand Finale photo #2457: So this guy was getting ready to go out for the night, trying to pick out an outfit, and he somehow managed to arrive at the thought, "What if The Crow cried tears of glitter?"

2. Last Night's Party. Mermen photo #3015: It looks like a magical peacock farted jewels onto a tranny's face.

1. Last Night's Party. Mermen photo #3069: "Hey Donny, you think we should put on our psychedelic court jester hazmat suits tonight?" "You read my mind, Francine. But let's have another absinthe enema first, shall we?!"

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