Hey, we got something slightly tangled the other day. (I know, right?) In the police raid on gay party hangout Mr. Black that the Voice reported on (by the way, the cops stonewalled us on this, and ridiculously refused to give us the names of people arrested), the cops arrested seventeen employees, considered charging them with "criminal nuisance" (some twisted version of like, aiding and abetting drug use or sales, perhaps), and 16 of the 17 employees weren't charged with anything in the end. A bunch of them were strip-searched while being held. Of 13 other people arrested, two were charged—with one sale each. (Dollars to donuts those charges will be thrown out.) All in all, this is a really lame raid. We also made fun of what sounded like a pretty vast array of drugs scattered about; we hear that employees say that two random guys turned out their pockets and dumped their stashes when the cops arrived. So sadly, Mr. Black is not, like, a rainbow carpet of coke and ludes every day. And we hear there's much, much more coming on this story next week.