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The set of much-buzzed-about new NBC Fall series Bionic Woman—eagerly anticipated by late-70s television nostalgists, the indestructible-heroine-loving Heroes set, and fanboys drooling over their weekly primetime appointment with star Michelle Ryan's six million dollar rack alike—may be officially troubled™—Var reports that "creative differences" (not the Mandy Patinkin kind, we'll assume) have forced the network to part ways with showrunner Glen Morgan, and discusses rumors that the series might be taking a "getting its shit together" hiatus:

There had been word around town that "Bionic" was also shutting down production, but an NBC rep said that isn't the case. However, industry insiders believe it's possible the show—which is now in production on its fifth episode — still might take a break for a while in order to give the writers a chance to focus on refining the show's directions.

Shutting down production doesn't always have a negative impact on a new show's future. ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and "Brothers & Sisters" both took brief hiatuses early in their run — and went on to become hits.

If the show is indeed headed for a shutdown, Grey's Anatomy hiatus survivor and controversial late Bionic cast addition Isaiah Washington could prove an invaluable asset during the downtime. While the writers and producers tend to the business of solidifying the show's creative direction, the veteran Washington can teach his co-stars how to develop the kind of volatile off-screen chemistry that produced multiple Emmy-nominated performances in the Grey's ensemble once the cameras finally rolled.