At the Time 100 gala a few months ago, I approached Joel Stein ("humorist," LA Times and Time columnist), whose relationship with this website has been, shall we say, tense, and introduced myself. Almost immediately, he asked why Gawker hates him. He said he "really wanted to know." He also said that his wife gets really upset when she reads Gawker and sees all the mean things people say about her DH. As we parted, I offered to send Joel and his wife a Gawker commenter invite. In the grand tradition of people leaving this place with a fuck-you to the people who, despite being total hacks, have managed to wrangle themselves a lucrative, high-profile job in journalism, I've decided to post our correspondence. Joel Stein, congratulations. You're my Joe Dolce.

  • Subject: Hi from Gawker
    To: Joel Stein, Joel Stein's wife
    Hi Joel,
  • Good talking to you last night. If you, or your wife, is interested in commenting on Gawker, sign up here:
  • ==============================
    Click this link (or paste into a browser) to accept the invitation:
  • Cheers,
  • From: Joel Stein's wife
    Yeah. Like I'm going to fall into that trap, so that she/they can make fun of ME as well.
  • From: Joel Stein
    You couldn't lay off me for one day? I did not almost kill David Hasselhoff. I swear.
    I need to get a copy of that book.
    Nice meeting you too. I hope to meet all the people who hate me individually. It will make a fine book.
  • From: Doree
    Ah, can't wait!
  • You should meet Balk. He's the one who wrote the Hasselhoff thing.
  • Best,