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Through some sort of rift in the time-space continuum caused by Fashion Week, last night we found ourselves at the Condé Nast Fashion Rocks After Party—even though the actual Conde Nast Fashion Rocks party is tonight. Suck on that, Stephen Hawking! Inside, there was a lot of smoke, a few lasers and model Agyness Deyn. Nikola Tamindzic was there taking pictures. His full gallery can be found here.

As we were walking in, we saw 16-year-old MisShapes muse Jackson Pollis heading out. "You're not sticking around?" we asked. "Naw," he said, "Geordan's being a bitch," Heh! Fame will do that to you. Pollis headed into the night.

To the credit of Rock and Republic, the label that cosponsored the party, it was rather fashionable and rocking. LCD Soundsystem was playing later in the night (around 1:30) and a couple members of the Roots were deejaying in a corner. In the upstairs VIP section, DJ Steve Aoki (AKA the son of Rocky Aoki of Benihana and half-brother of Devon Aoki of supermodeldom) was embracing Mark the Cobrasnake, who was wearing a large gold Chai necklace and tie-dye.

Another DJ, Tommie Sunshine, showed up looking like a cheap Chris Robinson (or so said a disappointed paparazzo). His girlfriend, Daniela M., who is one of the "Top 20 Most Creative Italians on Myspace," was wearing a full-facial motorcycle helmet and refused to take it off all night. Actorboy Danny Masterson was somewhere too. Allegedly.

On the stage, James Friedman and LCD Soundsystem began performing. Radar robot Neel Shah was hanging out with Daily Candy's NYC editor Jeralyn Gerba. Agyness Deyn was with a truly strange looking Smeagol-like gentlemen in a fedora; they danced a saltarello. With the lasers and the smoke, it all felt very Pink Floyd Light Show at the Franklin Institute Planetarium circa 1998. There's a lot worse things to be than that.

[Correction: We just found out via the PR company, the party technically didn't have an affiliation with Condé Nast Fashion Rocks. Such is the chaotic shitshow of Fashion Week.]