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America's Sitcom Sweetheart Jenna Fischer won over all of our hearts playing The Office's lovelorn, plain Jane receptionist: Men fantasized about being with her, while women simply wanted to be her, marching into salons across the country and demanding they be given the mousey perm sensation known as "the Pam." But as is so often the case with objects of public fascination, what seemed like an impossibly glamorous existence outfitted in the finest sensible flat-soled shoes and cardigans masked a hidden pain—both of the lower back (she fell down a flight of stairs at an NBC upfronts party in May and spent most of the summer recovering), and of the heart. A blog post appearing today on her MySpace page has announced the end of her marriage of six years to Slither writer/director James Gunn:

Our Statement

We (James and Jenna) need to announce that we have chosen to separate. We are sorry for any pain this causes family and friends. The enthusiasm we have expressed for each other's lives, spirits, and careers is real - we have been each other's cheerleader and friend during the past six years and continue to be so now and in the future.

And a special note for our MySpace fans - We appreciate your support over the years, and would be overjoyed to have you continue supporting us both. You might be tempted to make one of us "feel better" by putting the other one down in a post. Please don't - we still have the utmost respect for one another, and we'd have to delete you. We aren't taking questions or doing interviews about this particular aspect of our lives. We're also avoiding reading any press on the subject, so don't send us any clippings or links about the split. Thank you in advance for respecting our privacy.

The condolences have already begun to pour in from the concerned citizens of MySpace, who seemed utterly blindsided by the sad turn of events. Certainly a recently released NBC promo in which The Office's characters shared their summer plans seemed to give little indication: It offered up a beaming Pam, Jim finally hers for the taking, talking of letting "her hair down." Skillful acting? Or informed by the sweet release of a personal emancipation? Perhaps we shall never know, yet one thing is for certain: Hope springs eternal for America's Pam-pining geekdom.