Both a recent Page Six item and the Times' piece on the Hampton Classic horse show yesterday made heavy mention of CNN ranter Lou Dobb's daughter, Hillary, and her enrollment in a little school in Boston which was founded in 1636. As per Page Six, after winning $12,900 in prize money at the Classic (the girl loves to ride stallions!), Daddy Dobbs had something to say!

"She won! We're very excited, but now she has to decide her major as she enters into her sophomore year at Harvard."

God, it kind of makes you feel bad for anyone who watches CNN. "Stay tuned. After this short commercial break, I'll rail against immigrants and my daughter, who is going to Harvard, will decide her major. This is Lou Dobbs (Class of '67) for CNN."

Does he have some product placement deal or something?

Sadly, the interests listed on daughter Dobb's MySpace page ("5' 7" / More to love!") don't seem to offer any clues as to in what subject she might major. "Riding, singing, shopping, listening to music, driving with the windows down" aren't listed as majors in Harvard's coursebook. Yet.