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After the poor, doltish man-child Joey Tribbiani moved to Los Angeles and faded into oblivion, we were pretty content with leaving Matt LeBlanc's acting career as a distant, warm memory — like a long-lost cousin whose talent for burping the national anthem was cute when he was 12, but reeks of stale desperation now that he's 40 and still does keg stands. But now, LeBlanc's former manager has incited painful acid flashbacks of the Joey era by slapping him with a lawsuit:

Matt LeBlanc's former business manager has filed a lawsuit alleging the actor owes her at least $1 million.

The suit cites a 1994 letter in which LeBlanc approved the payment of 15 percent of his earnings for "pilot and series derived from 'Friends Like Us' and subsequent jobs derived henceforth" to Cerio. "Friends Like Us" was the original title of NBC's hit series "Friends."

Cerio contends she was entitled to receive commission for as long as LeBlanc received income from "Friends" and its spin-off series "Joey," but the payments stopped in 2000 and she is owed at least $1 million. "Friends" ended in 2004.

Imagine Cerio's shame at rolling up to the Bel-Air Country Club in a creaky, disgraceful '04 Lexus, when Schwimmer and Aniston's dumped managers with iron-clad contracts honk the horns of their brand-new Bentleys and wave patronizingly as they roll by. If she doesn't get her cash soon, she'll never be able to show her face at the Barney's valet ever again.