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In today's episode: Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Kristen Bell, and Edgar Wright; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver; Vince Vaughn; Hilary Swank and Brad Garrett; Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins; Ryan Gosling; Mary-Kate Olsen; Joey Lauren Adams; Kiefer Sutherland; Kate Bosworth; Matthew Perry; Michael Eisner; Van Hunt; Eva Longoria; Julie Newmar and Judd Nelson; Cheryl Hines; Norm MacDonald; Shane West; Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox; Paul Lieberstein; Fred Armisen; Joel McHale; Rumer Willis; and Sean Preston Federline.

· Aug. 25: Triple sighting at Saturday night's screening of so-bad-it's-awesomely-good The Room ( at Sunset 5, and writer-director-star Tommy Wiseau was, sadly, not one of them. Standing behind me to purchase a ticket was a Superbad, bearded Jonah Hill with a bulking camera tucked under his arm...not sure what for?? Once inside, Jonah was joined by Paul Rudd (wearing a green shirt) and Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell. They all sat together behind my posse and did their best slinging witty comments and insults at the screen. At one point Rudd quipped: "Shhhh! I'm trying to watch the movie!" which drew many a laugh. Not bad for a newbie, but we totally owned that shit. "You are my rose, you are my rose, you are my rose..."

· Saturday, 8/25: The Sunset-5 monthly gala screening of "The Room." First of the star-studded flock to make an appearance: Jonah Hill of Superbad, followed by the likes of Kristen Bell, Edgar Wright, and Paul Rudd- a showcase of exquisite taste.

· Last night (8/24) was eating with some friends at Tradanoi in Malibu and sitting outside on the patio at the big table was the Governator and his wife Skeletor, yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. They were with 12 other folks and were celebrating a friend's birthday (I could tell you who it was but that would reveal the political dork in me). He was wearing a brown leather jacket. She had on a pretty dress. He ate and drank some red wine but I didn't see her eat anything. They had big fish ice sculpture on their table. We did not.

· Aug. 25 Downtown at Bordello (formerly little Pedro's). The night seemed grim for my girlfriends and I; for a $10 cover, it was as if the last dusty remnants of the Swingers scene had choked up some new phlegm...there were fedoras aplenty and bufonts galore atop desperate faces. Suddenly- a beacon! A grinning Vince Vaughn and a crew of similarly beplaided tall men walked in. He is one tall drink of water; one of my friends went up and talked to him and, at my facetious request, told him he was "a motor-boatin' son-of-a-bitch." She claims that was the moment she lost him. She also said he was "driz-unk" and slurring his speech. Then he sang a song with the band there and was, indeed, "driz-unk."

· In the Redwoods Lounge (or whatever that thing is called) at the Greek Theatre on Thursday, August 16th - Spotted a couple of celebs in the hospitality room at the Tony Bennett concert. Hilary Swank, looking much prettier in person than I would have guessed, with the guy I assume is her agent/lover. Also with them was a normal looking older couple that I figure was her (or his) parents. Also there, the impossible to miss Brad Garrett.

· Aug. 24 - Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins around USC during "move-in week" escorting their son around campus. She's gorgeous in person - both are incredibly nice and down to earth.

· Big PrivacyWatch weekend, which was good since I was hosting out-of-town visitors, who appreciate celebrity sightings in ways jaded Angelenos rarely do. Friday night outside of the Hungry Cat, we saw a disheveled looking Joey Lauren Adams sitting on a concrete bench next to a homeless guy's shopping cart, smoking a cigarette and talking on her cell phone. Sunday morning we graduated from C-list to B-list when Ryan Gosling, bearded and dressed like a lumberjack (seriously, army boots and flannel on an August day in LA?) walked into the 101 Coffee Shop with a guy friend. I guess I had always thought of Ryan as a smaller guy but he's actually pretty beefy. Finally, we went from B-list to A-list (sort of) at AOC on Sunday night when a haggard-and-possibly-homeless-looking Olsen sister (we think it was Mary-Kate Olsen) wandered into the restaurant to say hi to some friends, and then quickly wandered back out to linger on the 3rd Street sidewalk for a while. Her hair was gross and she was rattily dressed and her makeup was horrific - in other words, she looked exactly as I'd expect her to.

· Kiefer Sutherland sighting, Los Feliz, Saturday 8/25, 6:45pm: we turned the corner from Russell onto Vermont and there he was, walking uphill toward us past Skylight Books with a lady friend (dark, shoulder-length hair...we didn't recognize her). He put his cigarette out and threw it into the gutter as he passed us; we turned around and they'd disappeared, presumably into the Los Feliz 3 theater. All the movies started at 7pm — The Bourne Ultimatum, Death at a Funeral or Right at Your Door. Wonder which one were they seeing?

· Kate Bosworth, Thursday (8/23), at Dominic's in WeHo (is that still WeHo? or is it just Ho?). Either way, the lady looks properly fed and was dressed like the hottest Grandmother this side of the 1920s. I've seen Wal-Mart greeters with more contemporary fashion.

· Saturday afternoon (8/25), ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner shopping with his wife at the Camarillo Outlet; can't say that I blame him, I think Restoration Hardware's retail is over-priced, too.

Sunday evening (8/26), R&B indie favorite/Garth Trinidad-approved Van Hunt walking to rehearsal near Zanzibar in SM; humble, gracious to a fault, a real nice kid - please don't move to Hell Ay. Great show @ Temple Bar last week, btw.

Monday evening (8/27) Matthew Perry at the Barnes & Noble/Westside Pavillion minding his own, bought a book, no one pestered him. Rested, tanned, a little scruffy, looks like life's treating him well.

· Last night (8/28) saw a sun-bleached Chuck Taylor wearing Matthew Perry loitering alone for a good 15-20 minutes, lost in his own world, in the lobby of the new Landmark Theaters at the Westside Pavillion. Definitely skinny Chandler.

· Monday 8/27, I'm making an afternoon run to my favorite wine store in Hollywood and I notice a half-dozen paparazzi swarming outside the adjacent Kinko's. I'm like, what celebrity frequents Kinko's?! So I ask one of the Paps who was inside but he coyly replied, "Go see for yourself." Uch, make me do all the work, why don't you! I wandered in and almost had a heart attack. At first I thought it was Victoria Beckham!! That would have been awesome. No, instead it was EVA LONGORIA, all Posh-ed out with a similar haircut and everything. She was at the cashier paying for something (my bitchy friend in NYC, whom I was on the cell phone with at the time, suggested maybe she was getting her wedding gift thank you cards printed up there). Eva was not only aware of the paparazzi outside and clearly loving it, I have a sneaking suspicion she and/or her publicist called them directly. I mean, they don't usually hang outside of the Hollywood Kinko's hoping for a celeb sighting the way they do in front of Kitson. Also, Eva was done up to the HILT. Perfectly blown out angular bob, full "premiere" type make-up, and designer duds. The most hilarious part though was the only people who seemed to recognize her or care were the paparazzi and me. Seriously, why is she playing at being one of the "little people" who actually goes to Kinko's herself?! That's what assistants are for. It's just rude to the rest of us, in the same vein of how it was insulting when Marie Antoinette played at being "peasant" in her little pretend village on the grounds of Versailles. Still, Eva was movie star gorgeous, I will give her that.

· I went to the Cirque du Soleil "Corteo" opening night. It was like an acid trip without the acid. Many models, artists, theatre people, actors, athletes, dancers, yogis, Euro-trash, and celebrities. I assume many celebrities, because I didn't fight the crowd to see who was being photographed on the red carpet. I did see a lot of "faces" but I couldn't put names to them, as well as 80s TV stars, like the brunette woman from Falcon Crest, as well as twenty-something model/actors who all look alike. However, I went to the after party in the Forum, where I saw a low-key Judd Nelson (one of the "Brat Pack"). He was still looking good in a goatee and longish hair. I caught his eye and he smiled in a friendly (neighborly? ) way. I also saw Julie Newmar (Catwoman from the original Batman show). She must be over 70, but she was wearing a bra with a see-through shrug over it, and genie-type pants with her belly button showing. This might sound strange, but she somehow got away with it. She was sitting on one of the makeout sofas holding court to a small group of friends. Great food and drinks, but I left when the white clowns started descending from the ceiling, popping out of birthday cakes.

· Friday August 24, 2007 My husband and I were eating dinner at the Alcove off Hillhurst, when Cheryl Hines walked in with a younger girl and a man.

I'm still not 100% sure it was him, but waiting for our reservation Friday night outside C&O's in Venice I'm pretty sure Norm MacDonald walked by. I've seen him before, but dude looked like he needed a shower, a shave and a job. Had it been after dinner I may have mistakenly given him my leftovers thinking he was one of the other bums who wait outside for garlic rolls and fusilli.

· ER's Shane West at the Mobil station at Gower & Franklin this am (Aug 27). He walks in, sees 3 people waiting in line, and asks the guy in front if he can cut the line. Confused, the dude says ok and Shane sticks out his credit card to the woman at the register. When he's told they only take cash or ATM, Shane rolls his eyes and goes "ugh" before storming out.

· Aug 27 I just saw Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox at a Starbucks on Ventura and some street just west of Laurel Canyon (I don't know the Valley). He looked exactly as expected, she was gorgeous — sans makeup and the usual strumpet ware.

· Sunday, 8/19 - Swimming laps at the Santa Monica Swim Center, noticed a man a few lanes over who looked familiar (even while wearing goggles) but couldn't figure out why. Kept staring, thinking he was not an agent I knew (hoping he wasn't an agent I knew given my own goggles and bitchin' swim cap.) On the way out of the locker room, saw him again dressed and waiting for his wife/girlfriend/swim buddy to come out of the ladies. Realized is was Toby - Paul Lieberstein - from "The Office." See? Even semi-celebs can take advantage of public recreation facilities.

· Today (8/24), Fred Armisen at the downtown YMCA. Looked pretty fit and pretty normal, working out with his headphones on.

· Monday 8/27: Saw Joel McHale (host of 'The Soup') at the Greek theater catching the Joss Stone show. Very tall and attractive. He was hanging with another good-looking dude who I thought I recognized. My friend and I wondered if they were on a date, but both were sporting wedding rings and chatting about classic porno. Do two straight guys attend a Joss Stone concert together? That's a question for the ages I guess...

· i was at the olympic spa in koreatown this afternoon (Aug. 26), and who else do i spot using the amenities? none other than rumer willis. and guess what? she behaved and looked, dare i say, normal and nice! first of all, very nice body with a cute bird tattoo on her right shoulder. she was pleasant with other guests and staff (and from what i overheard, she believes the beauty myth that steam opens pores and cold water closes them), and tipped her service person. and here's another shocker - she was quite cute! turns out she must be one of those people who photograph poorly, because the potato head was nowhere to be seen. her chin and eyes were pretty much in proportion to the rest of her face and she looked quite nice. her pics don't do her justice - she's really not that out of whack. the only negative thing i can say was that i saw her oufit when she left, and it was kind of yuck. denim overalls, grey tank, and a pork pie hat - not flattering on anybody in my book.

· Aug 27 - Who knows where Brit Brit was on Saturday afternoon, but her son, Sean Preston Federline was working out his inner wigger at the And 1 Streetball basketball game at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. He was being toted around the bleachers by her giant bodyguard for the first half and that baby looked scared. Where is his mother, ya'll???