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You'd think that New York would've learned something from the Times' mishandled move to its new building, but alas, it appears that the move down to Varick and Grand isn't going quite as well as perhaps Adam Moss would've liked. Oh, and bloggers? Don't think you'll be able to "work" from home anytime soon! Coen, Rovzar, Ozersky, Gallagher et al: We're looking at you. The full memo follows.


Welcome to the new home of New York Media at 75 Varick St!

I know that we are looking forward to settling into our new workspace and getting back to work. We have had numerous challenges in the last several days which may affect many of you. PLEASE READ THIS!

At this time, the TOP priority for the IT team is providing working phone, email and Internet access for every workstation. Help Desk personnel will be visiting every single employee and working quickly to make sure everyone is online. If you have a problem, please DO NOT call [redacted] (remember 8 for an internal extension). The Help Desk team will be walking the building throughout the day to address the problems at each desktop.

In additional to the Help Desk crew, we will have several people here from Consultedge who will provide support for our new Avaya phone system. We will also post a schedule for training (if you miss it, we will have another set of training the following week after Labor Day).

PLEASE BE PATIENT! We will get through this together.

Known issues:

* Fax to the desktop is not working (however faxes are queueing up). If there is a critical fax to retrieve, pleaes let one of the Consultedge representatives know and we will retrieve them for you.

* Fax lines are installed and fax machines have been placed where they belong; however, if you are missing your fax machine or have the wrong number assigned to it, Consultedge will take care of port reassignments.

* In some areas, the data ports have been blocked by furniture, making it impossible to connect/test your workstations. In other areas, your phone extension may not yet have been programmed into your phone. We will have someone come up with a temporary solution until your problem can be addressed.

* In some cases, computers have been damaged during the move. These are rare (we have only identified 2 so far). We will work to find a temporary solution for you.

* Some computers were not properly updated for our new network settings. We will have to adjust these computers in order for them to get on the Internet and online.

* Remote access to 75 Varick is NOT enabled. Bloggers must be on-site to get to web resources such as Movable Type.

The first day will no doubt we challenging for many of us, and we know you just want things to work. Your patience and cooperation will help us get through this faster.

Thanks again for your patience, and welcome to your new office!