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Struck by the apparent irony of a network that calls itself The Learning Channel deploying grammatically incorrect pop-up graphics (above) during new series LA Ink, the proprietor of social networking site last week e-mailed TLC to make them aware of their egregious your/you're error, receiving this response:

"Thank you for contacting TLC. We value your comments about our network and your desire to assist us in providing quality programming.

We received your comments about the LA Ink popup and have forwarded them to our programming department for their review. We always appreciate when viewers like you, take time to share information with us, and your suggestions will be given full consideration."

After the jump, see how nimbly TLC has responded to the viewer-generated "comments" about the mistake on last night's episode, as noted in a new thread on the IFHY message board:

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Assuming that the e-mail actually reached someone in the programming department, a TLC staffer apparently furrowed a brow as he or she carefully considered the helpful correction, then finally determined that their only error was not adequately informing their audience that the show was a "new hit series." Tune in next week, when a fresh flood of complaints results in an updated chyron reminding viewers, "Your watching the new hit series LA Ink, the hottest show on TLC!"

Bonus Typo! Someone at Fox's NBC''s The Singing Bee learns that "rhythm" is a difficult word to spell.