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Earlier today, the quite unexpected news that Noted Hollywood Liberal Janeane Garofalo would be joining the cast of 24, a television program co-created by a Self-Described—Albeit Jokingly, Ha!—Right-Wing Nutjob, was announced, a collision of bleeding-heart-matter/conservative-antimatter that could release more destructive energy on the Greater Los Angeles area than a nuke detonated in Valencia. (Have we drenched your screen in enough hyperbole yet? We think we have.) But how does Garofalo feel about taking the gig? A reporter from the Ottawa Sun in the right place at the right time (i.e., on the set of the less politically divisive TV project Binky "about the bittersweet relationship between a cranky rock critic and her mother's Jack Russell Terrier") gets her first thoughts:

That the show is right-leaning, and Garofalo is an outspoken Bush and Iraq War critic is, she says, half-joking, "much to my chagrin. That's why I feel like I'm being punked. I feel like the creators are going to make me say things that cause my sphincter to tighten."

Garofalo says she was surprised to get the job, given her politics. And though she might not agree with some of the dialogue, as the 42-year-old actress points out, "I'm not playing myself."

Hey, a job's a job, and no one's going to blame Garofalo for cashing a fat Fox paycheck. Indeed, she still doesn't even know if she's playing a "good guy" or a "bad guy," so she may never have to experience that unpleasant sphincter-tightening at having to stand in a CTU interrogation room with Jack Bauer and instruct the conflicted hero, "I don't care if you're sure that Mr. Saddiq here had nothing to do with the dirty bomb that went off in the Burbank Costco this morning. America needs you to take this rolled-up copy of the Geneva Convention and stick it so far up his ass he'll admit to every act of terrorism from seasons one through six."

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